Horny Frog Frolickers No Sign up Fee, Members receive 3 bottles of wine twice annually in April and November with a 25% Wine Club Discount on WINES!  Start building your cellar today! Great wines can be stored for years, and enjoyed later. Treat Yourself or Others Throughout the Year.  Membership in the Horny Frogs Wine Club includes selections that are shipped as new wines are released for the duration of the subscription.  Horny Frogs Wine Club members will savor California’s “hottest” wines while learning inside tips, recipes and more from our website .  Plus, members will receive special notices of our scheduled wine pourings and invitations to member-only events.  To join our wine club, please fill our Wine Club Form, and we will contact you for your payment information. Please print, fill out and mail the Wine Club Form PDF one which you can include your payment information: 

Please note ,we are shipping in California only 

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